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poems from my myspace.

Sep. 14th, 2010 | 11:46 am

.In my head.
Current mood: adored
..timid images and dark corpses,
they stay floating around,
in my head,
close my eyes and see all the things,
locked, trapped,
in my head,
see people killing,
others dying,
but then you,
in my head,
you make it all go away from,
in my head,
you show up and everything clears up,
walks away,
your in my head,
unmoving from my head,
thinking up a whole future,
in my head,
never felt love like this before,
in my head,
want you to stay like this,
in my head,
but don't get me wrong,
you're not only floating around in my head,
but you're constantly the blood that pumps into my heart.

something for you to read when you miss me.
Your always there in my head babe.
te amo.

Finally found some inspiration,
songs making me see your face in my head,
Had felt hopeless for a while,
But your love made me change my mind,
Truly knowing that you love me,
Knowing deep inside that We're meant to be,
I don't want to ever lose you,
I've never had so much emotion to give,
With just a few words you should know that you mean more than anything to me,
with just one look you should be sure,
Baby, that i'll always be yours.

I'm in love with you babe,
I want you to know,
I don't think i could make it if you let me go,
Holding you is a privilege,
kissing you leaves me crazed,
I'm addicted to those things that you do,
hearing your breath,
holding my body,
hugging me tightly,
Nothing can compare those nights that we share,
everything around us,
feels like we're barely even there,
want to fly away,
forget everything else,
because when I', with you,
I can do just about anything,
the sound of your heart,
beating so close to mine,
touching you softly,
our spirits entwined,
I really don't think there's anything like this,
but now that I have you,
I know I believe,
there's nothing like this remarkable feelings,
nothing like the kisses we share,
I plan to stay here,
close to your heart,
I'll keep you here,
for as long as we both shall live.

I love you jose carlos dorta.

I know where the sadness comes from,
I know where it will always lead,
i know how my face turns when i think of you,
I know how my stare doesnt bother you at all,
i know how my tears used to make you feel,
I know how you just dont care anymore,
I know how you suddenly forgot,
i know how you should be proud,
but your just not,
I kow what made you like this,
i know i should just not care,
but i can't be like you,
you see your daughter break down,
and it's like you can't even hear,
i was suffocating,
i remember,
the only thing that kept me clear..
that I'm actually needed,
I couldn't breathe,
it was like i was sinking,
but i came back,
cuz i know i need to get through it,
I know i need to forget,
no need to remember your exsistance,
since mine faded away from your knowledge,
i dont need you,
even though it looks like i do,
I'm over it dad,
but i know you were drowning too,
that feeling i got,
i got it from you.

My little girl,
I watch you with pride,
even though you annoy me,
I know I can't not have you in this life,
I've grown attached to,
My midget,
I feel protective of you,
and i'll always take care of you,
and I'll always be there for you,
I'll watch you grow,
And I'll want to kill you,
I will want to hurt you and
I will want to annoy you and play with you and I'll
share secrets with you,
I'll let you hug him as much as you want,
he's mine anyways,(yes you babe)
and I'll play tricks on you,
laugh at you when you fall,
kiss your cheek when you cry,
and I'll hate you,
I'll love you more though,
Because I can't be an only child now,
Now that i know I have this little girl to protect and a little heart to take care of,
Without you, There cant be the me that is now,
I would be selfish and horrifying,
so without my sister I just can't be,
I love you kid,
And I'll be here whenever you need me,
that's a promise.

When I'm with you,
I feel like I can do anything,
Sometimes,when i don't have you,
It's like I'm going on with no air,
I love to take your breath away,
Leave you speechless,
But when you make
my words fail,
That's the true talent,
Everything about you has always had a way to draw me in,
From the way I can't stay mad at you,
To the way you make me shiver with just one kiss,
The way you make me smile when i cry,
and cry out of being happy,
The way my confidence shows,
But my vunerability is stronger,
Because without you by my side,
that would be the thing to destroy me,
When you make my words fail,
That's something special,
when you happen to leave me breathless and lost for words,
that's how I know,
I love you,
How I know,
that You and I,
we are meant to be.

te amo jose dorta

Insanely devoted,
Crazy in love,
kissing you back like there's no end,
When you kiss me like this,
It's like planets collide,
I see the stars in your eyes,
Sparkle and shine,
Grab me tight,
Loving the feeling,
Just the two of us in a moment,
I'll never forget,
that fist time we kissed,
What a dare,
What a rush!
hold me,
everything just spins,
I cant breathe,
You are exactly the one,
My only one,
Lets lay in bed,
and make love.
I'll be yours and you'll be mine,
for eternity,
babe,til the end of time.


Everything about you just makes my day,
I'm lucky,
But your luckier,
You get all my love each day,
it all belongs to you,
all of my body heart and soul,
I know who I am,
I know how I feel everyday,
I know sometimes I am annoying as shit,
I know every flaw i'll always have,
But all I need is for you to love every bit of me as much as i love every part of you,
I would never let you go,
And I wouldn't ever make you unhappy,
I'll always be your number one because you're my all,
I have learned that you shouldnt be someones everything because if you are,
then there is nothing to love,
but in this love of ours isn't the case,
I'm your everything as well as your mine,
and we love eachother just fine,
life does work the way we want it,
we just have to make it turn out our way,
you'll always have me,
and I'll always have you,
I'll make you happy,
and I'll give you the best loving you could ever have,
that's a promise,
engrave it in your heart.

Your girl for the rest of forever.


Feeling my body shiver,
your only a second away,
Butterflies filing up,
hardly any room left for me to breathe.

I kiss your lips,
I want more,
I cant take it,
I'm your junkie.

Your naked body on mine,
Feels so warm and nice,
Letting all worries and insecurities go,
Just living in the moment.

Let me have more of you,
Let me be addicted to you for the rest of my life,
Feeling jitters at just the thought of leaving the bed,
but they leave after you hug me,

My feelings for you only get stronger,
they dont go away,
I need my fill,
I'm not ever leaving.

Not only are you my drug,
Your my world,
and you own my heart,
I couldn't get more addicted.

I love you.
Jose carlos.

take me out,
lets go somewhere deep and hidden,
lets go to our place where its only you and me,
hug me in your sleep,
touch me when im senseless,
be the cold november rain to fall on me and kiss my cheeks,
paralyze my senses and leave me breathless,
I miss all your hugs and all of you,
You mean eternity to me,
you mean my world,
lets sit in your car for hours during the night and just talk,
lets go to wendy's and get chocolate frostys and feed
them to eachother while watching the sunset.
Just take me to a place where i know you'll be,
take me with you and let me love you forever,
take me to the endless pleasure of your touch,
make yourself be known inside me,
just wait a while longer lay on me,
let me feel every inch of you alive when your with me,
smile my smile,
the one you keep for me,
miss me whereever you go,
smile when you think of the future and me waiting for you in bed,
making your bed,
or making you a sandwich,
feel me when im not there,
know that im thinking of you no matter what,
also that i want to be with you til the end,
you mean the world to me and im hoping i mean so to you too,
Love me forever,
and hold me tight,
ill be here always,
loving you endlessly.

yours always,
your angel.

Lost without you.

Passing by those places where you took me,
remembering with a smile,
missing everything about you,
Everytime i feel so useless and unworth it i think of you,
praying for the first time that someone is mine alone,
loving has never been better,
and ive never seen such good days
along with the bad ones but somehow we get past it all,
surpassing every obstacle and clinging onto you,
i live,
simply loving you..
no regrets about this path,
trying to get the worries out of my mind,
I cant be without you,
hope you cant be without me,
selfish thought isnt it?
well im essentially a very selfish person,
but i love you regardless of anything,
and ill never let you go.
I would be lost in a very dark abyss..
your my one and only.

The person you love is the most amazing and incredible person ever,
He's perfect.
Excatly your type of guy.
That's what I found in Jose carlos.
He makes me smile.
I think of him when any love song comes on the radio.
The thought of his touch makes me shiver.
I get this tingly sensation in my chest whenever i think about him.
Kissing him....just wow.

But Even with his perfection i still get scared.
I freak out about him liking other girls,
and i worry about him getting bored of me.

When someone becomes your everything...they have the power to leave you with nothing.
My biggest fear is to lose him.
My biggest desire is to be with him forever.

I love him.
No one will change that.
I'm all his.
only his.
hope your mine & only mine forever as well.

Sometimes It hurts to think of an end.
So much that just when the word comes up your eyes start to water.
I fear the end,
and i fear not being with him.
See in a short amount of time he became everything in my world.
And i know i wouldn't bare not one day without him.
Without his amazing love and his beauty,
I haven't felt like this over anyone in my life.
He's made me into who i want to be.
We only have one problem,
and its that we can barely see eachother.
So my constant need of him cant really be fulfilled.
see, i cant see him one day and then the next just talk to him online or on the phone.
it's satisfying,
but i need to see him every single day.
Its a need.
I hate that its so difficult.
Noone ever said love was easy,
but they didnt sayit was this hard.
I am willing to overcome the obstacle of not seeing him everyday just cuz I'm looking ahead to the future and hoping,
hoping with all my life that I will be his love forever,
and that we will get married and be happy and live together.
That's my dream.
My fantasy.
I am a girl that has it mostly all.
I have everything I want and probably more than I deserve,
but honestly,
I would give everything up just to be with him everyday.
I cant think of an end,
because I cant see it coming.
Sure,we've been close to it plenty of times,
but i dont think i could ever stop loving him.
I live for his smile and for his happiness.
and i have this perfect vision of the future together..where we are just happy.
where everything is simple and nothing is this hard anymore.
As i said,
he's my world,
and i know i would never let it come crashing down,
he's the reason i still smile and he's the reason why I get up each day.
Everyone has heard all this in phony photobucket icons and stupid little things but has anyone ever actually felt it?
I didnt know what love was until i saw myself fighting to get another chance with him.
I have always had things easy in my life and i have never truly appreciated it.
but now that things are at their hardest i know i'll strive for the future to happen.
Jose carlos is my life and the only reason why i live.
No matter how hard this gets,
please never give up.
i dont know if you feel the same way about all this but I love you and i wouldnt ever survive without you.
I hope you know all this and that you feel the same for me,
I cant live without you.
I meant it the first time i said it and i mean it now and forever,.
te amo.
never go.
I'll love you forever..will you?

How I love you.

How could I even begin to explain my feelings for him?
He's more than any person could ask for.Totally more than
I deserve for all the crap I put him through.
But he still manages to love me, He always puts a smile on my face..
and I don't think he even tries to impress me,he just does.
I have never loved this sincerely,this openly & honestly I could care less
whatever the hell others say or think.
I have him.
My star.
The love of my life.
The only one with any power at all to judge over me,
In my opinion he's the best man I'll ever have.
He's everything I could ask for,
Even if I had the chance to Look for someone else,
If I ever decided that there is more to this world than him,
I still wouldn't go,
I'm positive about it.
There is no need for anything when you've got all the love,beauty and wonder coming from just one person.The center of my universe,
He's the most ...... breathtaking,amazing,loveable person in this world.
To me, He's perfection.
Fuck whatever anyone says.
puppy love? Ha!
they wish. this is what others wonder about.
what people question..and what every litttle girl wants tp have when they grow up.
I look upon his body,
his face,
his eyes....
He was perfectly designed for me..No doubts about
being meant for eachother,
I know for a fact that we belong together.
Loserific as this may sound but I say my name inertwined with his in my mind..I look at him when he's not looking..
Just stare at him..and then turn away when he looks at me,
he's lovely to stare at.
I wonder why he's with me....then I stop wondering that ,I dont want him to think too much about it.
You see,In my opinion,
I think he can have any girl he wants... yet he sticks with me..even after all the shit I give him for no reason..he still wants me!! what does he see?
what am i tohim?
I never quite understood why he chose to be with me..
I'm not as beautiful as he deserves and I'm most definately a pain in the ass,..but I'm glad he sees what I can't,I'm glad he wants me.
I'm giving him the best of me..giving him all the love I hold inside.
I hope he knows he's the center of my existance...and that without him...i really wouldnt be able to live...I cant live with out you babe..
and I'll always choose the path that leads me eternally to you...
I love you more than you think..
It barely fits in those 8 letters..

For many the meaning of eternity has rather ceased to exsist,
forever's meaning means less than a month now-a-days,
it's funny cuz you should think that by now lover's would know better than to think
just one small compromise will make another stay decades long,
anyone has the power to leave anyone else,
it all depends on will power,
to me the meaning of eternity has shifted the moment my eyes met with yours
my heart skipped a very audible beat,
cause i know you felt it too,
im sure,
im beyond positive that after all we've been through in one year,
after all those things that have happened that should slowly destroy a relationship,
ours has remained strong,
and is still going strong..
forever changed after i met you,
After i spent nights in your arms,
after you flashed me your beautiful smile over a thousand times,
My view of forever changed after I discovered that what we have is real
AND that i wouldnt trade it for anything .....
Everything did change after you ,
I recognized true love with a glance,
memorized your touch with an embrace,
and tasted desire with a soft peck of your lips,
Now I know that there is nothing more breathtaking than your love,
nothing that i adore more than those eyes,
and I WOULDNT trade anything in the world for my definition of forever
forever is you.
It's our love.

happy one year love.

Tonight won't be about anything but us,
Tonight is the night that We've been contemplating,
the little fights mean nothing now,
They are beyond worthless,
We have overcome the obstacles placed there to mess us up,
Not only does it prove love,
but it proves what we've known all along,
You were made for me
as I was made for you,
This would have been over a while ago,
I noticed that I'll always be insecure of what I don't need to be,
How can I not be fearful when by taking you they take my all?
I will never be perfect love,
But one thing I'll always know how to do
Is love you with no limits, No bounderies , and love you even when you hate me,
I know you're the only on for me.

Breaking through my core,
with three simple words,
Maybe you don't know,
Maybe you didn't plan,
to shatter my defenses,
by just loving me back,
At times, all I want to do is cry,
Mostly cause you cant be by my side,
But then, When we can be together,
and yet we fight,
It seems like a waste of useful time,
No idea how you managed to break my walls down,
And no intention of sounding corny,
But baby, that must be a sign.

Ive drowned in happiness,

Ive wuthered in depression,

Ive tasted pleasure,

And experienced pain,

No greater feeling is there other than feeling accomplished,

Feeling mellow and like you finally belong,

and even if you dont suceed,

even if there is no progress,

the wish for it becomes greater and you excell beyond your own expectations,

never should you let anyone tell you who you are,

what you do is for your mind alone to decide,

whether to unravel inside your thoughts,

or just survive in the moment we call life.

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Writer's Block: Memories

Jul. 17th, 2010 | 09:36 pm

Ummmmm this weekend when my boyfriend gave me a promise ring.. we were on the balcony of a 22 floor watching the epcot fireworks and he pulled out a ring and i started to cry. Nothing will ever top it except maybe when we get engaged or married. The fact that he waited til we were in orlando made it special because he took me out to places i had never seen before and he made me feel like i was the only person in the world who he cared for. Maybe I'm just selfish as hell but i loved every single minute of being in that hotel with him. and the parks were awesome. Then there is another thing...it's gonna be three years in 2 weeks. I can't fucking wait. I feel like i have the best boyfriend in the universe and i know for a fact that I'm keeping him. He is amazing in every single way and nothing can ever top how he makes me feel. ....... wait........ The fact that I was with him is what made this memory so special. I truly have a dream guy and i cant wait to live out the rest of my life with him. i


jose carlos dorta


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my bed smells like you.

Nov. 10th, 2009 | 06:37 pm
location: United States, Florida, Miami
mood: coldmissing him

My bed is empty,
the blue glass from this morning is still there,
the sheets are clean,
the bed is made,
my room is swept and i pretend to be okay,
I lay down on your pillow,
but i still smell you there,
i know your not there though,
even though i wish you were,
My body still feels your touch,
my lips still feel your kisses,
there not there though and i pretend to be okay,
i cover my head,
and see your face,
now i know I cant pretend to be okay,
I miss you at night,
I miss you during the day,
I miss you so much that i know im not okay,
I know ill see you another day,
I know that your still mine,
I know that you will always be,
I know ill feel your kisses again soon,
I know that you'll hug me too,
but babe,
my bed smells like you and i wish it was more than just a smell,
i wish you were really there.
i love you.
and yeah, i know i wouldnt cry this time around but its too much...i need you pretty bad.
I love you...i had alot of fun....
see you monday.

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Writer's Block: Cute Meet

Aug. 4th, 2009 | 07:25 pm
mood: anxiousbut happy

Behind every great couple, there's often a great story. What's the best (nonfiction) how-we-met story you've heard?

Lol, It was more complicated than cute. But when I first talked to him I knew we were meant to be..
even if i hurt him or all the crap i put him through. I knew we were meant to be. It was something about him. It was so incredible. Something I have never felt in my life til I met him.
It was an irresistable pull towards him that I had to follow no matter what would happen.
and now I'm happier than ever.
If you ever get an instinct about someone.. no matter good or bad... follow it.. Your instincts are usually right.
I love you jose carlos. Two years tommorrow..
And I know that there are so many more to come. I love you babe.

Lol.. this is the best story I have ever heard... ours.

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Writer's Block: Dream Vacations

Jul. 26th, 2009 | 01:03 am

What vacations would you most like to take in the next five years?
I would love to go on a cruise with my boyfriend. to seaworld. to orlando. anywhere with him. it would be awesome.

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new poem.. its very short.

May. 22nd, 2009 | 01:10 pm
mood: calmcalm
music: w.w.y.d.i??? dane cook. lmfao.

Finally found some inspiration,
songs making me see your face in my head,
Had felt hopeless for a while,
But your love made me change my mind,
Truly knowing that you love me,
Knowing deep inside that We're meant to be,
I don't want to ever lose you,
I've never had so much emotion to give,
With just a few words you should know that you mean more than anything to me,
with just one look you should be sure,
Baby, that i'll always be yours.

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Writer's Block: Dream On

May. 13th, 2009 | 08:49 am

Do you ever have recurring dreams? If so, are they good dreams or nightmares?

ugh always happen to be nightmares.
it sucks.

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Writer's Block: End of the World as We Know It

May. 1st, 2009 | 10:50 am
mood: happyhappy
music: accidents can happen.

Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?

super flu? i don't think so.

zombies? maybe.

nuclear weapons? most logical.

global warming? we're close.

meteorite? nah.

fire? definitely.

ice? I'll perish twice.

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for my dad.

Jan. 19th, 2009 | 08:08 pm

You will never read this, i know,
you will never care about the hurt you´ve caused,i know,
you will never show any concern in my success, i know,
but then why did you have me?
why did you care at first?
If your plan was to leave, all along why didnt you just think about your consequences first?
I miss you everyday since you left,
and no matter what even i say,
i need a father,
my mom is both for me,
and thats tough in a parent,
you shouldnt have left all this mess for her to clean up,
shes the most amazing woman i know,
i cant imagine why you would do what you did,
You may have your reasons,
and every one does,
you can make excuses, they just wont add up,
I was your favorite,
the epitome of a child in your eyes,
when you left all that shattered and
left us all destroyed,
I miss you but Im glad you left,
certain things i wish never happened,
but after all i do blame it all on you,
all my mistakes,
all my failures,
all the wrong things done in my life,
they will all always be your fault,
you asked for it,
your not the person i thought you to be,
and my mom HAS NEVER spoken ill of you,
but i think i have the right to,
after all not only did you abandon her,
you abandoned me as well,
it doesnt matter,
and it never will,
but i still wish that someday,
you show up and actually start to care,
thats the day ill rejet you,
so you can see how it feels,
youve taught me this sense of being,
yet i cant say ill reject you,
for i dont really know,
your my dad,
and we have always had a strong bond,
I dont think i can ever forgive you though,
you killed the child in me,
but somewday im sure you will realize that and
regret it with tears,
crying wont solve anything,
so dont waste your time,
i will talk to you someday in my future,
so dont fret,
but i bet that by the time i finish writing this,
you wont even remember my face.


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Dec. 30th, 2008 | 01:40 pm

I'm feeling the pain,
So incredibly lonely and cold,
I don't want anyone but you,
I want you to be here holding on to me,
kissing every part of my heart,
see the sparkle in my eyes,
I'm here forever,
You're too far and the distance is the hardest test,
Lets ace it?
I don't wanna fight with you,
I don't wanna lose you,
And I don't wanna live without you,
I hate this loneliness,
but i know it will soon be gone,
I need you by my side,
So please stay and love me,
Just because, I love you.

jcd.+mrc=forever. :)

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